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Knightmare by Maniactheleader

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.:Hugging Without a Reason:. by Wolfwrathknight

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Oi, I'm Toon and I'm a digital artist. You won't really find fanart of games and stuff, but I'll try being mre active in that section. However, if you don't like the stuff I poste then don't cry at me, just get out

That beeing said, have a nice day~

.:Sam:. by Wolfwrathknight
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Big Silent Hill Fan here

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Hi guys,

I am very dog Sam, he was put to sleep yesterday. He had kidney failure, his body was poisened  and he probably couldn't survive the weekend. I'm crying so bad. Putting him to sleep was the last thing we could do for him, so at least he has no pain anymore. I miss him. Sam is a family member and forever my best friend. He will always have a place in my heart.

Rest in peace my little angel

Playing by Lickried

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thanks for the +watch :)
Lickried Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2016
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Lickried Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2015
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FairytalesArtist Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2015
Thanks and your welcome;) for the favorite

I love Redwall and I want to make a beautefull clothes and scenes for the Redwall movie, brand new series and new Attractions..... And it most different and it most perfect Just looks like Lord of the Rings and The Cronichles of Narnia

In 2015 When I watch to Redwall tv-serie "its looks like a kind of the wonderfull world of the Animals-Fairytales where the brave mouse, squirrels, moles, hedgehogs, rabbids, otters and of course badgers to the great fighting by the evil rats, hungry ferrets ,angry stoats, twisted weasels, sly foxes and of course the great wild cat. So I make all the sketch of the design clothes from the good Characters  and the bad Characters. I studied the historical clothes of the Middle Ages from the museums, books and of course the festivals. For insperation for the new clothes of the Redwall Characters. but also the landscapes and buildings such as churches, the forest , the  castles and caves. And I hope you guys like it? But This sketch feel you to another dimension. But it most different....Some sketch is kind a little scary. 


In 1999 was a first television series of Redwall  and it was made by Canada-based Nelvana and France-based Alphanim and is based on the Redwallnovels by Brian Jacques. The series spans three seasons, the first based on the first book Redwall, the second on Mattimeoand the third on Martin the Warrior. There are 39 episodes in total. 

but I was a little disappointed that only three seasons not 4 or 5 or 6 or another special series.... :( but one day I get an idea if you are going to help to make a few new sketch and scene of the Redwall series:) and I going to make a new Characters for the Redwall  series and they are four brand new series from 3D and 2D. "Legend of Redwall warrior" and the 2D series as " Basil Stag Hare and his amazing Long Patrool" "The amazing pirates Adventure of Tramun Clog (Brian Jaques favorite character) and of course "Redwall Super Teams Show" (as looks like a Super Hero Squad) ;)  
And in this new future tv-series must be exciting but also action full of humor!

A brand new villains from another world of Redwall.

I want more new villains from the new series I most think about it for a new bad character from another world like as "Captain Thomas van Dyck " the big bad Dutch raccoon. Badrag-ratakus from the middle east ocean (a Araibian rats) kitsune's Samurai's (A Japanese Foxes warriors) 

The amazing mytholotic creatures of Mossflowers and Redwall

I want a special idea for a Redwall world a mytholotic creatures Just like the mermaid-mouse. Giant Foxes or giant stoats And of course the rat or fox-witches with dragons and another strange mythologs creatures in the forest. 


 and I thought to myself "this story is so strong and so beautiful that I will immediately make sketches for Deviantart and who knows, maybe she also perhaps The Redwall fans are also very nice and use ...." to begin my version of Redwall it must be very beautiful and perfect. and I have the castle of Redwall Abbey designed but unfortunately it is imperfect:(. I am traveling to France and Limburg (Netherlands) to see all the churches for my insperation. I all have pictures of inside and outside. I looked everywhere details such as murals and Celtic ornaments. And finally I got a taste. Then I went to the medieval festival. I got it all looked beautiful costumes and I have also heard the music and even the weapon and arms. but the problem is that unfortunately I do not find beautiful music. I have only the original music's medieval the Music called "U Entrada del temps Clar " from Troubadours. and that is the only thing that fits the story of Redwall. but the only thing I know is the music of the lion king, Vangelis Conquest of paradise Stravinsky Rite of the springs, Part Four Star wars and the lord of the rings and John William. that is the only how this music that beats like drama, adventure and of course battle. but the other I found the music a little grazy..some times of the mediëvals music is slow and the other too much singing people. I do not want the fans crazy no!:( I would like to have a different music.


        I was just planning to Redwall as attractions design. But the problem is how can I move? in Orlando in Florida in United States of America? including Universal Studios park? or Walt Disney World? or United Kingdom? it was natural question ... but I'll explain what what kind of attractions ... It's a kind
        Motion simulator 3D Dark Ride .. and there are three scene of the attractions. "Redwall Abbey" "Mossflower forest" and of course the cave of the rat witch "

        What is the Motion simulator 3D Darkride?

        The enhanced motion vehicle is a relatively new kind dark ride that was introduced by the manufacturer Intamin attraction. A big difference with the "standard" dark ride is that the vehicles are simulators on wheels. These vehicles are called enhanced motion vehicles (EMF). They can be several degrees in some richtig rotate while driving, except around their own axis. The enhanced motion vehicle aims to enhance certain effects in the dark ride. For example, the vehicle to the avoiding of objects can be laterally tilted a few degrees, so as to enhance the effect of 'dodging'. Another example is the Indiana Jones Adventure attractions. The vehicles are in the form of a car. Because the 'car' moves during the ride there again, it seems as if the vehicle is driving on a dirt road while this is not so.

        Examples of multi motion darkrides:

        Dinosaur at Disney's Animal Kingdom
        Pharaoh's Fury at Lotte World
        Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye to Disneyland Park in Anaheim
        Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull to Tokyo DisneySea
        The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman at Islands of Adventure to Orlando in Florida

        Story ride

        The Redwall Abbey there are attack of the Ghosts of the Cluny the Scourge and Slagar the Cruel. Madam Sila The Evil witch rat spells a Evil curse to the Redwall Abbey. Everything there are scared with the ghosts. Only one wizard can stopt from the evil curse and his name was Alvendorf the magicale hare merlin. And he want to help with Matthias, Basil stag hare and Orlando the axe. But Abbot forbids the black magic of the magical hare. But Alvendorf  knows the solution. he made a magic cart. where you can sit in a ride. it was covered with celtic ornaments and an iron shield. The animals of Redwall Abbey dont understanding where the hare come from . And explained what they needed to do. he muttered a spell and he left the cave old parchment map showing how to drive through the dangerous forest of moss flowers and the field mouse with a turban told everything we needed to do in the ride the first day you have the belts attract very good because you never know how the ride is so fast and they were so much bump. then he will tell you what it is right or wrong. then appeared there the spirit of Tsarmina and Fortunata and sang a beautiful song but then said Tsarmina with a demon voice against visitors "You will going to die!" After the preshow, you come to the great hall where the tapestry of Martin the Warrior hangs . and there you will find a cart.So you sit in the cart and then go inside on the way to the black rock of the rat witch. to break a spell. But in the castle of Redwall Abbey is full of evil spirits and rescue all animals of panic. when Martin appeared the warrior spirit appeared and told visitors. "I am ... that is quake warriors you most to go to the cave of the witch!" but then there was a giant rat spirit and he threw the cart ride through the stained glass and the cart fell exactly in the kitchen of Hugo. The female mouse and male mouse there are shocked and she runde away. Then the cart ride turnde left from out the door and there is Matthias with Orlando the Axe and his warriors. When Matthia the visitors saw he said: "Warriors! Its to dangerous go fighting. Come on whe most to the cave but be care full and  beware of Thomas van Dyck! This raccoon is very sly! Come Warrior! Fellow me!" And than the house building crash from the giant mega Vitch spirit and he bellowed "Mattimeo! Where are you?! Big bad Vitch want Play with you! Ooh wel I going playing with you! Its play time!" and he grabs the house and threw to the visitor but it was just wrong because the cart ride quickly to the dark forest Mossflower. When you going in to the forest there comes Thomas van Dyck with his soldiers. "Oh no your dont you going right in the rat trap! Get the warriors!" But the cart going fast to the right forest. In the forest was silent but then there comes terrorising painted ones.
        He shot the shot pipe and the spear to the cart. And the cart woest to move quickly to the cave of the evil witch. In the cave was very scary because you see a skelleton. Screaming spirit and a creepy skulls on the ceiling. Than you going to the dangerous bridge with under a deady lava. And that moment Matthias was in trouble. He try to warning to the people. "Quick my warriors! Save your self! The witch try to kill you!" But the witch said "Silent you little vermin! You going to die! But First I going to finish with your warriors!" And the cart move fast and furious to the deadly labyrinth of the cave there are so many boobytraps, the spirits and great wearets. Than you saw Cluny the Scourge, Slagar the cruel and Badrang the tyrant and she going to kill you.. But fortunately there was a Exit and you going to escaping from out labyrinth. But suddenly you almost shot by an arrow of Tsarmina green eyes. you have no choice to escape. You most only to left and than you come finaly the final battle with Matthias and the witch. "Quick warriors help me to fighting!" Matthias said. "you are to late! Your favorite legendary Matthias going down!" The rat- witch said "dont listen with her! Do it now!" And than the cart ride going fast to the deep tunnel. Than whe heard the terrible screaming of the rat-witch. She was death in the lava. And than the adventure ride is over. and if we go back to Redwall Abby, whe saw Matthias and his warriors again. With his happy voices to the visitors:"Thank you for rescue me! You are from now the warriors of Redwall!" And than the ride is over....

        And so was my planning story of Redwall and we hope and I hope you everything like it? We love forever for Redwall in the future...

        Anthony Hanssens
        Sugaruu Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
        Weil ich gerade bei dem Account onn bin gratuliere ich dich jetzt mal hier xD

        Alles gute nachträglich!! :iconcaekplz::heart:
        Ich arbeite auch an etwas für dich aber das kann noch etwas dauern uvu
        Lickried Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015
        Danke! :D

        Uuuh 030
        Birdon14 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
        Alles Gute nachträglich~~:birthdaycupcake: KimRaiFan's Bday Cake Cakefloof Emote (Happy B-Day Dragongirl!) 
        Lickried Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2015
        NayuSiminova Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
        Happy Birthday :)
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